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Jimmy Snow

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 15th of March, 2012,
to a tune of unknown origin, played here by
Jim Bottorff.

Jimmy Snow wouldn't ever say no
When requested to put on a show;
With his sweet sounding fiddle and bow
He played tunes with real get-up-and-go.
Dances slow, dances quick, from his strings
Made folks glide far and wide as on wings;
Old time songs, sing-alongs, they would flow
In a key, suitably, high or low.

On and on, so happily,
Old Jimmy Snow, would bow each day;
Gleefully, he,
Played diddle-dee,

Then one day, unhappily,
Dear Jimmy Snow, he passed away;
On high now, he,
Plays diddle-dee,

Jimmy Snow with his fiddle and bow,
Oft it seems from our dreams here below,
Still plays tunes with real get-up-and-go,
When he stars in each heavenly show.

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