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Sing Us A Song Of Cambusbarron

A parody song composed by John Henderson on the 15th of March, 2012,
to Cambusbarron's own Jimmy MacFarlane's playing of '
Sing Us A Song Of Bonnie Scotland

Oh sing us a song of Cambusbarron
Any old song at all
Around our bright campfire
You'll join a happy choir
Together we will have a ball
If you missed the Wee Bus you'd wait for the Big Bus
Half-an-hour or so
Which reminds us well of Cambusbarron
Where tall fir trees and wild flowers grow

Oh let us sing once again of Cambusbarron
Louder now than before
Around our blazing fire
We'll sing and never tire
Even if our throats get sore
If we took the Touch Road while you took the Mill Road
We'd see you far below
Which reminds us too of Cambusbarron
And our Gillies Hill's trees brushed with snow

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