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Tapsalteerie Wedder

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 27th of May, 2012 to a slightly speeded-up version of the Glenlaurel Scottish Dance Band's playing of 'The Firelight Waltz'.

There wis nae clood in the lift abeen;
The sin wis sheenin bricht,
Sae we pit oan kibble waukin sheen
Tae win sich simmer licht;
But tho' 'twis douce roon-oor but-an-ben,
Amang the hulls up hich,
Winds....flans' cweelin braiths
Seen-brocht tae myn, "Tak tent wi' sich!"

The prood auld snoot o' oor Ben hud snaa,
E'en tho' twis airly June,
Sae we pit oan jaikets-graavits baith
Tae melt ilk freezin' froon;
Fyle we skowf'd drams tae weel waarm us up,
An' cooried 'hint the carn,
Vee....zies doon ablo
Gied us guid-sicht o' wid an tarn.

Syne cam the chynge whilk we Scots expeck--
"Oor wedder's tapsalteerie!"
Its bleck cloods gaither, reyn poors doon,
An' gales aft skwaal an' peerie!
Far doon the glen oan-oor but-an-ben
The sin glires aff the reef; we win there
Oor gairden-burn wull be in speeth!

clood=cloud; lift=sky; abeen=above; sin=sun; kibble=sturdy; sheen=shoes
win=reach; douce=calm; flans=gusts; cweelin=cooling; braiths=breaths
tak tent=take care; snoot=summit; snaa=snow; airly=early; jaikets=jackets
graavits=scarves; froon=frown; scowf'd=drank down; drams=glasses of liquor
cooried=cowered down; 'hint=behind; carn=cairn; wid=wood; tarn=small loch
chynge=change; wedder=weather; tapsalteerie=topsy-turvy; skwaal=scream
glires=glints; reef=roof; gairden=garden; speeth=spate (higher than usual level)

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