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Ledi And Lubnaig

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 30th of March, 2012,
to Theodore F. Morse's 1903 music for the song, '
Dear Old Girl'.

Ledi Ben's deep wintry snaws haud oan it;
Lubnaig Loch labs-oan cauld bit douce aneth it;
Dreich Merch's reyns are threetnin
Frae bleck an' cankert cloods' slaa dreeftin,
Fyle the East wins' throats are reddit
Tae seen clair the lift fur sin.

Sooth-Wast wins an wan sin slaa meeve the snaw frae Ledi;
Skelpin burns plunge-aff the Ben fair roydly
As Awprilie's gift tae Lubnaig,
Fa is a gutsy, thristy lochan,
Aft deev'd by fell-scree sklytin
Tae whilk reyns len a han.
Hull-waukers rarely fin yon snaw in simmers,
Bit's nae surpreese up-tap fur winter climmers;
Ma chyse is aye September
Fur a day up tap tae remember
Frae the sichts o' Bens' splendour
In auld Scotia's Autumn wedder.

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