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Stilpert Jean

Lyrics in N.E. Scottish doric composed by John Henderson on the 21st of June, 2012,
to Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher's 1945 song, '
Tampico' as played here by Jim Bottorff.

Stilpert Jean, dince-ha' queen, hearken to this cha-cha teen;
Tap ilk fit, faar you sit, lat your fingers flit a bit;
Tak the flair, deil may care, lattin' flee your nait-kaim'd hair;
Ah! Ah! Ah! your cha-cha'll mak fowks stan' an stare.
Nae yin that ivver I've seen, can cha-cha like you can Jean;
Yer clivver, stutterin' pins, wull fesh cheers fur you leen .... Yea!
Shaw a' hoo, noo, richt noo, the braw cha-cha you can do;
Syne you'll fin, at the rin, a' wull tak-aff you.


stilpert=long-legged; dince=dance; ha'=hall; hearken=listen; teen=tune
ilk=each; fit=foot; faar=where; lat=let; flit=fly around; tak=take; flair=floor
flee=fly; nait=neat;kaimed=combed; nae=no; yin=one; ivver=ever; pins=legs
wull=will; fesh=bring; leen=alone; shaw=show: a'=all; hoo=how; noo=now
richt=right; braw=beautiful; syne=then; fin=find; rin=run; tak-aff=copy.

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