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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 20th of June, 2012,
to Earle T. Crooker's 1927 music for his song, '
Falling In Love'.

Short Musical Introduction

I hum this sang, fan I'm nae thrang;
It mynds me seen o' days noo lang geen;
Fan life it wis gran, waukin wi' Ann,
Anse Babs, anse Cath, anse Jean.

Daffin-tae-me, och-dearie-me, wis naitral;
Bit-I've-nae-doot, mony-thocht-me, a waistral;
Nae heed I pey'd, tae fit fowks said
Bit cairrit oan ma eeswal tread ....
Doon-by-the-burn, oot-tae-the-wids we'd wanner
Fin-a-quait-neuk, faar-we-wud-stap oor wee dauner;
Syne-we-micht-kiss, gif-sae-twis-bliss, an' nae wonner it wis this
Tae-me-a-lad wi'-ilk-chynge o' Miss!

Repeat Chorus:

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