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Twa Fiddlers

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 21st of July, 2012,
to the tune called '
Cessnock Garden Strathspey'.

jinkie=jaunty; braw=beautiful; nane=none; fair=quite; ilka=every;
een=one; wud=would; gree=agree; dincin'=dancing; fowks=folks
sangers=singer; fun=found; teens=tunes; sic=such; boons=blessings
hearken=listen; smittin'=infected; soonds=sounds; ae=one; fyle=while
leukin'=looking; roond=around; sae=so; prott'ly=prettily; gooned=gowned
losh=gosh; lenthy=lengthy; thocht=thought; maun=must; ging=go; speer=ask
keer'ous=curious; caa'd=called; jine=join; gif=if; guid=good; eneugh=enough
skeelfully=skilfully; seen=soon; fusper'd=whispered; guid=good; 'fore=before
nicht=night; ower=over; thase=those; kent=knew; pairtners=partners
throw-oot=throughout; lan=land; cud=could mak=make; mair=more
foryet=forget; tribble=trouble; peyn=pain; fret=worry

Jinkie Jim McFadyen, fiddler braw was he;
Thur wis nane fair like him, ilka een wud gree;
Dincin' fowks an' sangers, fun his teens sic boons,
Fan they hearken'd smittin' by his soonds.

Till ae day at Sauchie Jim fyle leukin' roond,
Spied a lassie fiddler sae prott'ly goon'd;
"Losh , she has lenthy fingers," Jinkie thocht amaz'd,
"I maun ging an' speer fit teens she plays!"

"Fiddler lass I'm keer'ous," Jinkie caa'd tae her,
"I wud hae ye jine me, gif ye're guid eneugh."
Gaen tae him the lassie played richt skeelfully,
An' seen Jinkie'd fusper'd, "Guid ye be!"

'Fore the nicht wis ower, thase twa fiddlers gran
Kent thit them as pairtners throw-oot the lan
Cud mak mair dincers happy, helpin' them foryet,
Ilka daily tribble, peyn an' fret.

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