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Gloaming Descending

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 23rd of July, 2012,
to Joe Burke's music for the song '
In The Valley Of The Moon'.

Brief Musical Introduction

A low sun casts gold glows o'er our gardens,
And we hear breezed blossoms sigh,
" 'Tis such bliss when the gloaming descending
Tells us closing-time is nigh!"
For with well-filled wat'ring-can,
Or hose that is not banned,
Ev'ry gardener sprays kindly;
Our blooms soon bend their heads and in concert
Sweetly-sing, "Quenched thirst is grand."

Thus each rose in the daytime that perfumes,
And each jasmine too at eves,
Soon respond to such care and attention
With fine petals, stems and leaves;
For with all our great green-fingered skill,
We folks work with a will,
As we weed and till, each season;
Our blooms soon raise their heads and plead softly,
"Ever stay with us we pray."

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