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Bessie An' MaryAnne

A slight parody by John Henderson, on the 14th of October, 2012,
of Robert Gilfillan's 1831 lyrics for '
Of Bessy Bell An' Mary Gray'
that he composed to the tune, 'My Love, She's But A Lassie Yet'.

Of a Bessie an' a MaryAnne
Wha hasna heard, wha hasna sung ?
Baith bonnie—but it's mony a day
Sin' they were blooming, fair, an' young.

Ae lass, gude sooth, is plenty O,
For ony douce an' sober man ;
Yet, although I'm baith, I've gatten twa,—
My Bessie an' my MaryAnne.

O ! Bessie is a bonnie lass.
As e'er gaed barefit through a glen ;
I'd toast her in anither glass.
Though I before had tippled ten :

E'en, after that, I'd aiblins brew,
Did strength permit, anither can,
An' drink to—Bessie ?—no !—to you,
My bonnie blue-e'ed MaryAnne.

Och I think on Bessie a' the day,
An' I dream o' MaryAnne at night :
My Bessie's the sun's brightest ray
Fyle Mary Ann is pale moonlight.

How happy could I be wi' baith,
Or either, as the auld sang sings ;
But, as it is, I'll tak my aith.
Nor day nor night me gladness brings.

My Bessie is the blushing rose
That in the valley blooms sae fair ;
MaryAnne's a wild rose that aye grows
'Mang sweetest flowers, the sweetest there-.

My Bessie fair, for you I'd dee.
My face, you see, is pale an' wan ;
But I maun live, to gaze a wee
On bonnie blue-e'ed MaryAnne !

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