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A Guid Deal O' Reelin'

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 21st of October, 2012,
to part of Melville Morris' 1915 music for the '
Kangaroo Hop',
played here by George Gershwin.

Ay=Yes; fan=when; fowks=folks; ging=go; dincin'=dancing; oor=our; toon=town;
wee=small; teen=tune; happin'=hopping; sae=so; oan=on; an'=and; stottin'=bouncing
doon=down; roon=round; aroon=around; fair=quite; braithless=breathless;
frae=from; gyte=stupid; swate=sweat; poorin'=pouring; whilk=which; skyte=slip
syne=then; maun=must; stap=stop; crabbitly=angrily; wabbitly=tiredly; flair=floor
suin=soon; mair=more; a deal=a lot; wyvin'=weaving; ow'r=o'er; smeeth=smooth
jouks=swerves; wha=who; crampit=muscle seized; ilk=each; sherp=sharp; tirn=turn
taes=toes; stan';=stand; garrin'=bringing; grains=groans; girn=complain; ginchilly=gingerly satter'lly=stiffly; aise=ease; sair=sore; maichin'=marching; lumberin'=walking heavily
chine=chain; frint=front; aff=off; faar=where; eneugh=enough; dentily=daintily; thristy=thirsty
dracht=liquor drink; wale=choice

Ay, fan fowks ging a-dincin' in oor toon a deal
This wee teen gets them a-happin' the Kangaroo Reel;
Sae oan an' oan they're stottin' up an' doon,
Roon an' roon, up an' doon an' aroon,
Till fan a' get fair braithless frae bein' gyte,
An' the swate's poorin doon-by, oan whilk they skyte-skyte;
Syne they maun stap crabbitly, gif wabbitly
Tae mop-up the dince-flair richt suin!

Noo, fan fowks dae mair dinces in oor toon a deal
This wee teen gets them a-twistin' the Congor Eel Reel;
Sae oan an' oan they're wyvin' ow'r the flair
Wi' smeeth jouks, roon an' roon wi' wha's there
Till fan a' get fair crampit frae ilk sherp tirn,
An' the taes they stan' upon, garrin' grains, girn-girn;
Syne they maun stap ginchily, sae satter'lly
Tae aise-up thur sair backs fur mair!

Tee, fan fowks dae mair dinces in oor toon a deal
This wee teen gets them a-stompin' the Elephant Reel;
Sae oan an' oan they're mairchin' trunk tae tail;
Lumberin', in a chine wi'oot fail
Till the frint gings aff the flair, nae tae a chair
But the bar faar they 'trumpet', "Drinks a' roon and mair!
Eneugh o' a' this dincin', sae dentily
We're thristy sae a dracht's oor wale!"

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