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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 27th of October, 2012,
to George Beech and Alfred Solman's music for the song, '
You Can't Live Without A Girl'.

Who's not heard of Rabbie Burns,
His short life of twists and turns,
Filled with toil and abject poverty,
Lost loves, drink, and mental misery?
But from such ills arose a muse
O'er which friends would oft enthuse,
But that bigots to their shame
Did so cruelly ordain
As an upstart's false claims to fame.

This Rab tilled unyielding earth,
But of rhymes he had no dearth;
His mind brimmed with rustic tales of yore,
Female trysts that eased each daily chore;
So from such like and others stored,
His pen flowed as visions soared;
Sympathetic he'd rehearse
All injustice through lots verse,
Satirising each cause of stress.

Last Rab read songs most ev'ry day,
And hummed them in his own way;
When their words he didn't rate o'er much,
He changed them with deft poetic touch;
Yes these lyrics came from his heart,
And wise thoughts oft did impart
That have lasted to this day
For immortal memory
In the minds of humanity.

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