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Oor Nicht Tryst By The Sea

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 29th of October, 2012,
to Larry Coleman's 1953 music for the song, 'Changing Partners',
played here by Jim Bottorff.

Starns wur twinklin' an' blinkin' as we sattled oan the saan,
An' the mune seemed fair kittled fan I doucely teuk yer han;
He weel kent his sheen lichted oor baach daffin' by the sea,
Sae he sleed intae clood vaapour abeen faar I heeld ye.

Waves wur pirlin' an dirlin' fyle we chatted there fur oors,
As pirr-winnies breath'd o'er us scentit waffs o' simmer floo'rs;
The bent girse in the saan-dunes kep swey-swishin' thur weird teen,
As the baul mune raxed oot sleely tae keek doon frae abeen.

Dae ye mynd Jean me speerin' gif we micht ging fur a soom,
Fur the waater wis shalla an' we shairly wudna droon;
Sae ye gied it a leuk-see syne neist dipped a bare-fit in,
Whilk seen garred ye cree "It's ow'r cauld, ye royt-glaikit Scotch man."

Losh! the mune sterted lauchin' an' the starns they giggled tee,
An' the lift seen wis shakin' as the girse dinced roon wi' glee;
At least yon's fit it seemed like as we heeld oor heids in shame,
Bit 'twis thunner an' fell lichtnin' sent us baith scootin' hame.

starns=stars; wur=were; sattled=settled; saan=sand; mune=moon; fair=quite
kittled=tickled; fan=when; doucely=gentle; teuk=took; han=hand; sleed=slipped
weel=well; kent=knew; sheen=shine; lichted=lit/lighted; baach=innocent; daffin'=courting
clood=cloud; vaapour=vapour; abeen=above; faar=where; heeld=held
pirlin'=rippling; dirlin'=vibrating; waffs=odours; simmer=summer; floo'rs=flowers
bent=type of grass; girse=grass;swey=sway; teen=tune; baul=bold; raxed=stretched
sleely=slyly; keek=peep; doon=down. dae=do; mynd=remember; speerin=asking
gif=if; micht=might; ging=go; soom=swim; shalla=shallow; droon=drown; neist=next
bare-fit=bare-foot; whilk=which; seen=soon; garred=made; cree=cry out; cauld=cold
royt=wild; glaikit=daft; sterted=started; lauchin'=laughing; tee=also; heids=heads
fell=dangerous; baith=both; scootin'=racing; hame=home

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