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The Slaa Burn

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 7th of November, 2012,
to Jack O'Hagen's 1922 music for the aong, '
Road To Gundagai',
played here by Jim Bottorff.

Road To Gundagai
Words and Music by Jack O'hagan - 1922

The Slaa Burn wimpled doon Gunn's Glen fan I wis a loon
An' in't we'd guddle ilka day .....
Gif a hich sin wis bylin' an' dreich reyn wisna spylin'
Oor sicht o' minnows at play.
Syne in autumn an' winter fan burn-peels wur jeeled
Hoo we sleed an' aft doosht fyle we wheeled an' we reeled
Sypit an' unco sichts, maist aye sloshit hame ilk nicht
Fu' redd tae ging back come fit micht.

The Slaa Burn in Gunn's Glen noo nae langer dis it wend
The ways it did in days lang geen
Afore Lord Gunn fun siller weel hodden yirdit ooner
An' wirk it sterted richt seen.
Trees wur howk'd oot an' selt-aff, neist biggers meeved in
Birds an' fish lost the ficht they'd hud nae howp tae win
Lovers' nooks an' wul floo'rs, tee a' naarby hedder braes
Wur connach'd by his selfit ways.

slaa=slow; wimpled=meandered; loon=boy; guddle=catch by cupped hands;
ilka=every; gif=if; hich=high; sin=sun; bylin'=very warm; dreich=wearisome;
reyn=rain; spylin'=spoiling; minnows=baby fish; peels=pools jeeled=frozen;
sleed=slid; doosht=fell; sypit=soaked; unusual; sloshit=waded; hame-home;
ilk=each; redd=ready; did=does; wend=meander; siller=silver; hodden-hidden;
yirdit=buried; howk'd=hacked; selt-aff=sold-off; neist=next; biggers=builders'
meeved=moved; ficht=fight; howp=hope; tee=also; connach'd=destroyed.

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