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Gie Me Waarm Hedder

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 25th of November, 2012,
to Hank Locklin's 1958 music for his song, '
Send Me The Pillow You Dream On'.

Introductory Music for Verse One

Gie me waarm hedder tae bed doon oan
Ooner starns thit flicher hich abeen;
Syne wi' the lown meer a' aroon me,
I howp sleep tae me wull come fair seen.
Ilk nicht fyle it's simmer it's a pleesur
Tae sik hud doon the deece 'wa oot o' toon,
An' jine Ma Natur's ither craturs
Fa slumber saff an' soond 'neth the mune.

Introductory Music for Verse Two

Fit wye dae I ging tae the meerlan?
I'll tell ye gif ye'll pleese exkeese ma tears;
Yon's faar I trysted feerst wi' Jeannie,
Ma gudewife fur naarhan fifety years.
We baith wur jist echteen fan we mairrit,
Syne sailed awa tae mak oor life in Maine,
Bit fan ma Jeannie gaed tae hivven,
I cam back hame tae Scotland ma lane.

Glossary of less obvious words:
hedder=heather;abeen=above; syne=then; lown=peaceful; meer=moor;
fair=quite; seen=soon; sik=tryto;hud doon the deece=relax;
craturs=creatures; saff an' soon=safe and sound; ma lane=on my own

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