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Mac Mucklehan

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 1st of December, 2012,
to the chorus of Al Piantadosi's 1911 music for the song, '
Honey Man'.

Ma guid auld freen Mac Mucklehan
Wis lang tap wrastler in the lan;
Nae maitter faar he gaed tae grup an' cowp
Chiels he focht weel kent thit they hud nae howp
Fan his airms wupp'd roon them ticht, neist luft'd them an unco hicht;
Syne grunded seen, a' thur shooders there he wud aisly preen
The crood wud stan, an' they'd clap, fyle the Chief he'd say, "Great chap!
Fine chap! is that man Mac Mucklehan."

Ma guid auld freen Mac Mucklehan
Aince the tap wrastler in the lan;
Noo fifety-twa nae mair he grups an' coups
Bit fur his laddie Tam he huds gran howps
He stans lean an' spry tae sprint, tae lea ithers weel ahint
Upoan the 'tartan track', nae ivver een o' the trailin pack
His Dad, sae prood. maks a din;
Fan he's hard tae roust, "Guid sin!
Guid lad! rale-bleed-kin o' Mucklehan"

wrastler=wrestler; grup=grip; cowp=tumble; howp=hope; wupp'd=wrapped;
preen=pin; ahint=behind; roust=roar; sin=son

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