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Jean's Mistak

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 7th of December, 2012,
to part of Frank McKee's 1914 music for the '
Cecile Waltz'.

Oot fae Jean's windae slicht-snaw hud happ'd maist growthe .......
"Snaw-Queen, she mutter'd, fin anither howf ;
Bide upoan the Bens' taps, bit lea the carse-lans leen,
Fur, there ye'll garr fowks tribble lang afore ye're a' deen."

Syne oot cam the snaw-ploos tae clair the wye fur caurs ......
An' jist ahint them sauters jyned the wars ;
Jean heark'nin hard flakes squallach in sair fricht,
As, robsorbies sheeled and flang them intae dreefts left an' richt.

Airly neist mornin' wee Jean leuk'd oot aince mair .....
Seein' the sin she chyse'd tae tak the air ;
An' losh hoo she mervill'd, nae snaw lay roon aboot,
"Guid, Snaw-Queen, she thocht, ye hard me, o' yon there is nae doot.

Bit Jake-Freest affrontit wis nae weel plees'd wi' Jean .....
"Glaikit wee airthlin', I'll seen chynge yer teen !
Ye'll fin I jeel'd a' saut the larries thraw'd
Whilk I micht hiv nae been mintin' gif oan me ye hud caa'd."

happ'd=covered; howf=place; bide=stay; leen=alone; garr=bring; sauters=salters;
squallach=squeal; robsorbies=scything shovel; sheeled=shovelled; mintin'=intending

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