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The Auld Year - The New Year

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 27th of December, 2012,
to the main melody of '
The Barony Waltz'.

This Auld Year an' maist afore it
We've jined in Hogmanay,
Sae we're pairtyin' an' doonin' drams
Sangin' the oors away;
The midnicht chimes are soondin' noo
Sae we maun git on oor way,
An' ging feerst-fit freens an' kin
In thur hames on this New Year's Day.

"Guid New Year an' mony o'-them
We weesh tae aabody;
Tak guid tent yersels bit ithers tee
Wycely an' hertily;
Canty days an' plenty o'-them
We howp fur ain an' aa;
Bit thase nae guid, fan they faa
We prig seen wull ging fest awa."

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