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Irn Bru

[Formerly, 'Iron Brew']

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 17th of January, 2013,
to a dance tune called, 'Rose In Bloom'.

The first time I drank 'Irn Bru',
It filled me with gas through and through;
So burping I put back the screw,
And, thought out just what I should do ...
The next time before I would slake
My thirst, the 'scoosh' bottle I'd shake;
Then, one more precaution I'd take,
Like, gently releasing anew.

Unluckily when I did this,
I soon heard an almighty hiss,
As soda let out didn't miss,
With, kiss after kiss after kiss!
Too late then a friend saw my plight,
And showed me how things were done right,
By, holding the foot of the bottle,
Giving the bubbles a fright!

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