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The Reivin' Mulk-Coo

['The Thieving Milk-Cow', or 'The Cow Jumped Onto The Moon']

Nonsense lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 6th of February, 2013,
to Ted Snyder's 1923 music for the song, '
Who's Sorry Now', played here by Jim Bottorff.

Ools 'Tit-ti-woo', - coos gie a 'Moo';
- Cats aft are 'Purrin' anse chirmin' 'Mie-ew';
Oz kangaroos, - in Scotia's zoos
Whiles waltz tae 'Ma Tilda's Blues'!

Fyle weel in teen, - gaen ow'r the meen,
- Ae mulk-coo moo-bans some-hoo,
"See louper me, reivin' fur tea
Maw-fu's o' cheese, gowd an' green!"

Meen isna chuff'd, - mair like he's huff'd;
- Oz 'kangs' are quait a' thur hich-loups weel bate;
Ools wink an' lauch, - cats clap by gosh
Tae meesic caa'd 'Milk-Coo's Nosh'!

"Leuk, sangs mulk-coo, - the meen's tirn'd blue,
- Nae langer he's hale an' fere;
Gie him some cheer, him waar the weer,
Nae mair cheese-loups fur me noo!"

English Version !

Owls 'Tit-ti-woo', - Cows give a 'Moo';
- Cats oft are 'Purring' or squealing 'Mie-ew';
Oz Kangaroos, - in foreign zoos
Slow waltz to 'Ma Tilda's Blues'!

While still in tune, - up near the Moon,
- One Milk-Cow moo-bans "How, Now!
See leaping me, stealing for tea
Mouthfuls of cheese, as I croon!"

Moon is not chuff'd, - more like he's huff'd;
- Oz 'Kangs' though neat find their high-jumps well beat;
Owls wink and stare, - Cats scratch their hair
To music called 'Moon-Cheese-Stuff'd'!

"Look, sings Milk-Cow, - this Moon's good chow,
- But showing much wear and tear;
Up in his lair, he's going spare;
All hard to bear, high up there."

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