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Ma Stravaigin Memory

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 21st of January, 2012,
to Frankie Yankovic's music for the song, '
Susy Waltz'.

I mynd the sichts an' soonds o' Stirling;
In memory I stravaig
Tae roch-caussied-wynds aa eildit,
An' schules biggit-oan a craig.
'The Schules upoan the Rock' fowks caa'd them
Fur centuries in the toon,
Tentit by twa-three-Kirks an' Cooncils,
An' thase fa weert-weel-lernit cap an' goon.

Ma thochts meeve-neist tae Logie Causey,
An' auncient Abbey Craig faar stans
The prood Moniment tae Wallace
As stark Guairdian o' Scots' lans.
This man ne'er boo'd his knee tae ony,
Fyle earls an' thur waik-knichts seen fleed,
In fear fae aa the Soothern sodgers,
An' fit ilk Royal Sassenach decreed.

I'm gled I wisna there in thase days,
Tho' born nar-by in Causeyheid,
I've ne'er hud ony truck wi' fechtin',
Bit murn the faithfu' sowls fa deed.
The wirld e'en noo sair-tempts the greedy
Tae seek siller-poo'r an' lan,
An' I weesh thit-aa-sich-like scunners
Wud luft thur gizzent-heids fae-oot the san.

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