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Climin Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn)

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 23rd of february, 2013,
to Harry Revel and Mack Gordon's 1936 song, '
Goodnight My Love'.

The lift, wis bricht, fur stertin-tae clim-up Ben Vorlich;
Bit seen, dairk cloods, brocht doon haar an' reyn och-sae oorlich.

It wis sae dreich-(dear-me), we claise-huddl'd, doon a wee,
An' biled-up waarmin'-bree, afore suddenty aince mair we-cud-see.

The snoot, up tap, steed prood in its hivvenly glory;
Fyle-tee, ablo, Earn's watter wis fair lown bit hoary.
Thase sichts seen vainish faist, as the haar wins;
Sae-mynd, ma freens, Bens' fusperins,
Aye girn-oot they hiv ull bins.

'Twis nae, a day, fur rinkin-up Ben muckle hicher;
Blin wauks ow'r rocks are daft fan ye canna mak siccar
Yer sicht aheid is wide, sae ye maun bide
Oontil, strang winds, skail haars aff braes,
Sae ye micht ging-clim ither days.

lift=sky; haar=mist; oorlich=miserable; dreich=dreary; a wee=a short time;
snoot=summit; steed=stood; fyle-tee=while also; ablo=beneath; lown=calm;
girn=complain; ull=bad; bins=moods; rinkin=clambering; muckle=much;
hicher=higher; blin=blind; mak siccar=make sure; maun=must; bide=wait;
skail=dismiss; braes=hillsides;

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