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Hamish An' Mhairi

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 4th of April, 2013,
to Hector MacFadyen's Scottish Dance Band's playing of the
lovely traditional Gaelic Waltz tune called, '

spiks=speaks; hert=heart; myn=mind; mangin'=yearning; glowe=glow; een=eyes;
licht=light; sillery=silvery; vyce=voice; siccar=certain; jo=sweetheart; chyce=choice; wirds=words; fraisie=flattery; dauner=stroll; pyke=pick; wul=wild;

Hamish spiks ....
"Och Mhairi the day wull ye nae come waukin' wi' me?
Ma hert an' ma myn his fur lang been mangin' fur ye;
The glowe i' yer een an' yer licht sillery vyce
Maks me siccar fur a jo thur cud nae be beetter a chyce."

Mhairi spiks ....
"Weel Hamish braw lad wi' yer wirds o' fraisie tae me
Ye've been verra kind sae I'll ging a dauner wi' ye,
An' syne we micht spen ain or twa int'raistin' oors
Doon the burnie, ben the glen, an' pyke Mither Natur's wul flooers."

The Dominie speaks ....
"Now where have you two been stravaiging off-to all day?
We missed you at school and for truancy you-now must pay;
So by first thing tomorrow you'll write out in red pen
'We are sorry, we were bad, it will not ever happen again' ".

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