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The Girse Wis Greener

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 29th of March, 2013,
to Ted Garton's 1918 music for the song, '
My Belgian Rose'.

maun=must; gang=go; lea=leave; mither=mother; syne=then; ilka=every;
oor=hour; sorra=sorrow; steed=stood; faar=where; mony=many; yird=soil;
hairstin'=harvesting; fair=quite; guid=good; waar=worse; shair=sure;
affa=awfully; feedles=fields; shillans=grain freed from husks; kye=cattle;
rowth=plenty of; maw=mouth; weel-faurit=well-favoured.

I maun gang, an' lea ma mither lan;
Syne fur ilka oor o' sorra I've steed,
I micht hiv years awa frae Lairds' greed;
Sae tae the U. S. A.,
I noo wull mak ma way,
Faar mony Scots hiv fun its sinsheen an' yird,
Aye mak thur cultivaitin' an' hairstin' sae guid.
.... Life wull be better there, an' nae waar I am shair.

[Ten years later]

Losh man it's affa gran tae leuk frae whaur I stan,
Ow'r ma feedles fu' o' shillans sae braw,
An' herds o' kye wi' rowth fur ilk maw;
Oot here in Idaho,
It's been a' 'Dosey Doe';
Faar fowks like me hiv fun its sinsheen an' yird,
Aye mak oor cultivaitin' an' mulkin' sae guid.
.... I am richt gled I cam tae this weel-faurit lan !

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