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Dreams o' Auld Stirling Toon

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 12th of May, 2013,
to Egbert Van Alstyne's 1919 music for the song, '
Give Me The Good Old Days'.

Dreams o' Auld Stirling Toon,
Fan I wis jist a loon,
Fesh clair sichts an' soonds, o' schulin' an' play
Up narby the Castell faar we clambed slaa ilk day;
Brim fu' o' historie,
Causeys-an-biggins tee,
A' gien noshuns o', poortith an' laistin' woe,
Och! Lang syne in Stirling Toon.

Bit in oor Stirling Toon,
Guid parks steed green aroon,
Thit proveeshun'd the gowf an' ither ba' sports,
Fyle fowks eesed the river as hud Kings and Queens' Courts;
A' thase I noo can see,
Bricht in ma memory,
An' sae I thenk the Laird fur fit He chysed an' saired
Tae us rees'd-in Stirling Toon.

Auld=Old; Toon=Town; fan=when; wis=was; jist=just; loon=young boy;
fesh=bring back; clair=clear; sichts=sights; soonds=sounds; schulin'=schooling;
narby=nearby; Castell=Castle; faar=where; clambed=climbed; slaa=slow; ilk=each; causeys=cobbled alleyways; biggins=stone-built houses; tee=also; gien=giving; noshuns=ideas; poortith=poverty; hungert=hungry; lang syne=long ago; bit=but; steed=stood; aroon=around; proveeshun'd=provided; gowf=golf;
ither=other; ba'=ball; fyle=while; fowks=folks; eesed=used; hud=had; thase=these;
noo=now; bricht=bright; ma=my; sae=thus; thenk=thank; Laird=God; fur=for;
chysed=chose; saired=served; rees'd-in=brought up in.

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