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Trystin' Wi' Chrissie

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 3rd of June, 2013,
to Jean Schwartz' 1908 music for the chorus of, '
Meet Me In Rosetime Rosie'.

aft=often; wud=would; tryst=meet; losh=gosh; fit=what; bricht=bright; een=eyes; chiks=cheeks; fair=quite; rasie=rosy; fu redd=very ready; kep=keep; wytin'=waiting; richt=right; oor=hour; aye=always; happin'=hopping; rinnin'=running; nippin'=moving quickly; doon=down; burn=stream; sang=sing; wirld=world; ahint=behind; gled=glad; ilk=each; ither=other; sich=such; wis=was; ainly=only; mint=aim; ae=one; leuk'd=looked; feckless= out of sorts;  main'd=moaned; chitt'rin'=shivering; hoastin'=coughing; heid=head; birlin'=whirling; roon=round; happ'd=wrapped; syne=then; tribbled=troubled; quine=lass; waik-ee'd=pale-eyed; hans=hands; heeld=held; ticht=tight; doucely=gently; teuk=took; faister=faster; fusp'rin'=whispering; peer=poor; jo=sweetheart; echt=eight; unco=very; doolsome=sad; at laist=at last; waukin'=walking; daun'rin'=strolling; wann'rin'=wandering; jist=just; eesed tae=used to; dee=do.

Aft I wud tryst wi' Chrissie;
Losh fit a bonnie Miss .....
Bricht een an' chiks fair rasie;
Lips aye fu redd tae kiss ......
She'd nivver kep me wytin';
Richt oan the dot she'd be ......
Aye happin', rinnin' an' skippin', I'd see her nippin';
Doon by the burn tae me.

We'd chat an' sang like linties
Lea'in' the wirld ahint .....
Gled tae be wi' ilk ither;
Sich wis oor ainly mint .....
Till she ae day leuk'd feckless
An' main'd she maun sit doon .....
Syne chitt'rin', hoastin' an' splutt'rin', I hard her mutt'rin',
"Ma heid is birlin' roon!"

I happ'd ma plaid roon Chrissie,
Syne sich a tribbled quine .....
Waik-ee'd an' chiks nae rasie;
Hans heeld gey ticht in mine .....
Doucely I teuk her hameward
Faister nor we hud cam .....
Aye chitt'rin', hoastin', an' splutt'rin', bit waikly fusp'rin',
"Peer jo tae ye I am!"

Echt days in bed wis Chrissie,
An unco doolsome Miss .....
At laist her chiks gat rasie;
Lips aince mair redd tae kiss .....
Seen she wis up an' waukin'
Carefully oot wi' me .....
Nae happin', skippin, bit daund'rin', till we gaed wann'rin'
Jist as we eesed tae dee.

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