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The Toon Ha' Dince

[The Town Hall Dance]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of April, 2013,
to Joe Burke's 1930 music for the song, '
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes'.

hard=heard; fair=quite; croosely=boldly; meen=mean; seen=soon;
'Tirr The Widdae'='Strip The Willow'; claise-clinchins=intimate hugs;
loupin pins=leaping legs; stour=dust; sattled=settled; shee=shoe;
streeved=poured out; flair=floor; wunna wint=won't want; ony =any.

Introductory Music

I hard meesic an' sangin' wi'in
The toon ha', faar I howp'd tae fin Lyn;
Fur she hud fair croosely telt me gif I'd ging,
She an' me, we jist micht, hiv a fling;
Fit sic micht meen, cam clair fair seen,
Fan I hard creed-oot, "Tirr The Wid....dae"
Whilk shair isnae a dince fur claise-clinchins,
Bit tae birl chiels richt aff thur loupin pins.

Syne fan a' o' the stour'd sattled doon,
An' the band played, 'Slaa-Waltz Tae The Mune',
Wi' ma airms ticht aroon Lyn frae the stairt,
We dinced like as gif we'd nivver pairt;
Till ma richt shee clouted her knee,
An' teardraps streeved fest frae ilk ee;
Syne she flounced aff the flair tae her chair,
An' noo she, wunna-wint me ony mair!

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