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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 9th of June, 2013,
to Grace Le Boy's 1910 music for the song, '
It's Tough When Izzy Rosenstein Loves Genevieve Malone'.

It's gran ... fan-Simmer wi' its waarmth gars mony floo'rs tae sproot,
An' maist lassies pit oan lichter slips, fyle lads tee cast a cloot ... Och Ay!
Bit bein' Scotland reyn comes doon seen frae the hivvens up abeen ....
It's teuch fan widder's aye like yon o' this there is nae doot.

It is guid .... fan Autumn wi' licht winds wins fermers wechty craps,
An' plot-gaird'ners gaither ripen'd fruit fit nae shoo'r ivver staps ... Och Ay!
Bit bein' Scotland trees like thase are aft tee spiled by airly freest ....
It's teuch fan widder dis its warst oan a' thase wi'oot haps.

It's dreich .... fan-Winter wi' its cauld gars rasie nebs tae dreep,
An' syne maist fowks pit oan woolly claithes fyles dicht thur een thit weep ... Och Ay!
Bit bein' Scotland snaa comes doon seen throw ull bleck-cloods up abeen ....
It's teuch fan widder's aft like yon an' sinsheen bides asleep.

There's aye howp ..... thit Springtime fan it sterts wull hansel brichter days
O' mair easedom fur dool Scottish fowk frae Natur's aft gyte ways ... Och Ay!
Bit it is dootfu' fidder ivver sich as yon wull come tae pass .....
Tae reese the speerits aft fair doon o' ilk Scots lad an' lass.

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