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Mr and Mrs House-Gecko In Cyprus

This amoral fable's words were written by John Henderson of Scotland living in Cyprus on the 18th of July, 2013, to be sung to the secondary melody in 'Sharron Colvun’s Scottish Waltz'.

Gene Gecko behind a wall picture
Peeped out and about when the curtains were drawn;
Unblinking he looked round for insects,
And chirped to his mate with this song ..

"Wait, Jenny although you are hungry,
I'm sure I'll find lunch that together we'll share ....
Ants marching I see on the worktop--
So, now come and join me down there."

Sam Spider asleep in his corner
Woke up with a start at the sound of Gene's chirps;
Web swaying he abseiled fast downwards
In case he'd be next on their list ....

But, Jenny alive to his presence
Pounced-down on poor Sam as he dropped to the floor;
Gene meantime devoured lots of 'soldiers',
Then chirped, "Come-on o'er there are more!"

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