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The School On The Rock In Stirling


Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 19th of July, 2013,
to Angus Fitchet's playing of the main melody in his 'Silver Wedding Waltz'.

I remember fondly our school that stood upon the Castle Rock
Where we studied steadily from nine till four o'clock
Under patient teachers who year on year revealed what could be learned
From getting a grasp of the essence of life's knowledge stock.

Its quadrangle heaved with blue-blazered groups parading up and down,
Till the tolling of the bell caused scatt'ring from its sound
To the shelt'ring cloisters whose ancient doors led into desk-filled rooms
Where pupils if fain e'er had much to gain from 'cap and gown'.

I am ever grateful for friends made there when I was young and spry;
This indeed was fellowship I'll value till I die.
I still picture clearly the ups and downs we shared along the way
While facing each day of hard work and play at Stirling High.

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