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Gurlin and Warblin

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 30th of October, 2009,
to Hamm, Bennett, Lown and Gray's '
Bye, Bye Blues'.

Sang ma freens,
Tae auld teens
I've weav'd, syne screev'd
Intae doric fur a frolic;
Gif ye're wyce,
Heeze yir vyce;
Jyne me, we'll be, 'ky-ral dreams'!

Sang a-lang,
Wi ilk sang;
'Bass-o', 'Al-to',
Anse 'Soprano' e'en 'Falsetto'!
We'll be guid;
Ver-ra guid,
Gur-lin, war-blin, wi gran spang.

Meaning in English:

Sing my friends
To old tunes
I've weaved, then written
Into doric (North-Scots dialect) for fun
If you're wise
Lift your voice
Join me, we'll be, 'choral dreams'.

Sing along
With each song
Bass, alto,
Or soprano, even falsetto
We'll be good
Very good
Growling, warbling, with great force.

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