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An Unco Tryst

[A Strange Meeting]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 31st of August, 2013,
to Woody Guthrie's music for his song, ' It's Hard, Ain't It Hard',
played here by Jim Bottorff.

I sat quaitly musin' ae nicht,
Fair teen'd wi' the gloamin's oorie licht,
Till in maze I saw, a quine unco braw,
An' syne thocht, "Are ma een seein' richt?"

I speer'd, "Fit like?", she said,"Graun!"
Neist heeld oot ae tiny protty haun'.
I teuk it fest syne, happin' it wi' mine,
At whilk, Losh! she wagg'd a gowden wan'.

Wull ye troo fit I tell ye ?
We flee'd tae the kirkton wissin' tree,
She fusper'd wi' glee, her een twinklin' tee,
"I loo loons fa hiv a dream wi' me!"

quaitly=quietly; musin'=thinking; ae=one; nicht=night; fair=quite; teen'd=charmed; oorie=eerie licht=light; maze=amazement; quine=a girl; unco=extraordinarily; braw=beautiful; syne=then; thocht=thought; een=eyes; richt=correctly; speer'd=asked; fit like=how are you; graun=grand; neist=next; heeld=held; oot=out; protty=pretty; haun=hand; teuk=took; fest=quickly; happin'=covering;
whilk=which; losh=gosh; wagg'd=waved; gowden=golden; wan'=wand; troo=believe; fit=what; flee'd=flew; kirkton=village; wissin'=wishing; fusper'd=whispered; tee=too; loo=love; loons=boys; fa=who; hiv=have.

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