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Youthheid Freenship

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 27th of September, 2013,
to Hart Pease Danks' 1873 music for the song, '
Silver Threads Among The Gold'.

aye=forever; myndin'=remembering; youthheid=teenage; freenship=friendship;
hich=high; schule=school; toon=town; faar=where; frae=from; neen=nine;
fower=four; fullt=filled; harns=brains; birlt=spun; roon=round; aft=oft;
sich=such; trachlin'=burdensome; wirk=work; hertnin'=heartening; ae=one;
guid=good; chiel=fellow; biggit=built; douce=quiet; leal=loyal; ay=yes; tentin'=caring; wauk=walk; blaw=boast; syne=then; fan when; lea'd=left; ahint=behind; lang=long; apairt=apart; speeshal=special; bided=stayed; doon=down; hairt=heart.

Aye I'm myndin' youthheid freenship
At Hich Schule in Stirling toon,
Faar the days frae neen tae fower
Fullt ma harns an' birlt them roon.
Tho' aft wearit by sich trachlin' wirk,
Hertnin' waarmth frae ae guid chiel,
Biggit up ma speerits affen
Wi' his wycedom douce an' leal.

Ay, sich tentin' as wee Jim shawed
I aye gied tae him an a',
Sae as pairtners in oor growen,
We cud wauk an' talk, e'en blaw!
Syne fan schuledays we hud lea'd ahint
Fur lang colleege years apairt,
Mem'ries o' oor speeshal freenship
Bided deep doon in ilk hairt.

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