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The Vardo

(The Gypsy Caravan)

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 28th of December, 2013,
to C. W. Murphy's 1908 music for the song, '
My Girl's A Yorkshire Girl'.

quine=girl; canty=cheery; baul=bold; braw=good-looking; canny=cautious;
chiel=chap; och=oh; aye=always; verra=very; bauch=shy; slaa=slow;
wints=wants; mairry=marry; gie=give; mony=many; bairns=children; bit=but;
wul-howps=wild hopes; sattle-in doon=settling down; puckle=little;
noo=now; airns=earns; losh=gosh; maun=must; bide-a-wee=wait a little;
jist=just; plooman=ploughman; seen=soon; micht=might; win=gain;
sma=small; ferm=farm; twa=two; eneugh=enough; frae=from; wyvin'=weaving;
thegither=together; shud=should; teugh=tough; hame=home; mains=moans;
bothy=farm servants' shared cottage; dool=sad; vardo=caravan; spaacious=spacious; ken=know; cud=could; mak=make; stairt=start; nivver=never; pairt=part.

Jean is a gipsy quine, canty, baul an' braw;
Jake he's a canny chiel, och by jings he is aye verra bauch an' slaa;
Jean wints tae mairry him an' gie him mony bairns,
Bit he's nae wul-howps o' sattle-in' doon oan the puckle thit he noo airns.

"Losh Jean," he says tae her, "We maun bide-a wee;
I'm jist a plooman here, och bit seen I micht win a sma ferm ye see?"
"Bit Jake," says Jean tae him, "as twa we'll airn eneugh,
Me frae ma wyvin', an' ye frae yer ploo, life thegither shud nae be teugh?"

"Ma hame's a bothy lass," dool Jake mains tae Jean.
"I've gat a 'vardo' lad," she replees, "thit is spaacious an' waarm an' clean."
"I ken," says Jake tae her, "there-we cud mak a stairt;
Ye at yer wyvin', an' me at ma ploo, sae let's mairry an' nivver pairt."

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