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[Silly Talk]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 29th of December, 2013,
to Louis A.Hirsch's 1919 music for the song '
It Sort Of Makes A Fellow Stop And Think'.

faither=father; faimly=family; fow'r=four; littlins=youngsters; weel=well; kenned=knew; bairnie=infant; babblin'=meaningless talk; nae=no; fule=fool; sich=such; clashmaclaverin'=meaningless talking; aheid=ahead; ging=go; schule=school; tee=also; aboot=about; ithers=others; spikin'=speaking; lerned=taught; brither=brother; deef-deaf; smeerless=sluggish; toddler=an infant who is starting to walk; ainly=only; aye=ever; spak=spoke; wirds=words; wurna=were not; richt=correct; bodie=person; speered=asked; fit like=how are are you; brichtly=brightly; fyle=while; kimmer=wife; sicht=sight; meen=moan; perr=poor; maun=must; dicht=wipe; claise=close; lugholes=ears; lowp=leap; doucely=quietly; bittie=little; hearken=listen; slaa=slow; stairtin'=starting; feesick=medicine; stappit=blocked; lugs=ears.

As faither o' a faimly o' fow'r littlins,
I weel kenned a bairnie babblin' wis nae fule,
An' sich clashmaclaverin' wis aft guid practeese
Fur fan in days aheid they'd ging tae schule.
We've a Jeannie, John an' Dod an' tee a Chairlie,
An' it's him thit noo I'll chat tae ye aboot,
Fur the ithers spikin' clairly shudda lerned wee brither Chairlie,
Bit tae them he seemed as deef as Tammy Troot! ............

"Wee Chairlie wisna smeerless as a toddler,
Bit he ainly aye spak wirds thit wurna richt;
Fan a bodie speered o' him, 'Fit like wee laddie?'
He muttered an' he stuttered, 'Ben-Ben-chicht'.
Syne he'd wanner aff an' sang 'Benchichty' brichtly,
Fyle ma kimmer Kate aye kept him weel in sicht,
An' I'd meen tae her, 'Peer chappie, he's nae yit oot o' his nappy,
Sae it's nae jist aa his wirds thit we maun dicht!'

The doctor tae oor faimly cam tae veesit,
An' hard Chairlie aye spak wirds thit naeb'dy kenned;
Syne he snapped his fingers claise by Chairlie's lugholes,
Bit nae the bairnie didna lowp nor bend.
'It is nae surpreese the loon seems daft fan spikin',
Doctor Duncan doucely said tae Kate an' me,
He's a bittie deef, bit hearken, we wull nae be slaa in stairtin'
Feesick thit wull clair his stappit lugs fur ye.' "

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