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Skurk'd An' Leen

[Dry And Alone]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 31st of December, 2013,
to Vaclav Blaha's 1944 music for the song, 'Blue Skirt Waltz'.

twa=two; piggies o' stane=stone hot-water bottles; hunkered=squatted; flair=floor;
meened=moaned; wames=insides; toom=empty; cauld=cold; weet=wet; greet=weep; fan=when; wae=sad; dee=die; ilka=every; het=hot; byler=kettle; stame=steam; skail=spill; apen=open; drachts=liquid; baith=both; aye=always; drooth=thirst; daith=death.

Twa ... piggies o' stane lang syne hunkered-doon oan the flair,
Lood ... meened thit thur wames wur toom, an' nae chiel seemed tae care!
"Cauld an' nae weet, we shair canna greet, (As bairnies dae fan they're wae).
Wi'.... oot we'll dee seen o' thrist, skurk'd an' leen ilka day."

Het ... byler up oan the stove, he thocht "I've gat stame tae spare;
Fit ... why shud I nae skail-oot ow'r ma freens oan the flair?"
"Apen yer screws here's drachts fur ye lads," het byler puffed tae them baith.
"We're ... a' aye in the same boat ... drooth is nae bonnie daith."

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