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Lad O' Logie

[Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 4th of March, 2014,
to Harry Woods' 1930 music for the song, "
River Stay 'way From My Door".

A'hm a lad o' Logie,
Causewayheid i' Logie;
Mammy birthed me 'neth its Crag.
We syne gaed tae Fa'kirk,
Foondry toon wis Fa'kirk,
Fyle oor stark-chiels focht the war.

Banknock neist wis oor clachan-hame
Faar the fowks wur braw, wi'
Clair air there fur the takin', an'
Guid fur us aa.

Kirkton efter kirkton,
We aye kept oan chyngin';
Fyow years syne up an' awa'.
Oan tae Cambusbarron,
Seiv'n years wi'oot girnin',
E'en wi' fell quarrys' stoor an' aa.
The Hich-Schule fur lernin',
An' Kings Park fur playin';
Picturs wi lassies aft an' aa!

Bannockburn fu o' historie.
The laist meevin' deen;
Jist the plank fur thrang youthheid days
There's ivver been.

Bit ma hert's i' Logie,
Causewayheid i' Logie,
Nae maitter faar ah hiv gaen.

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