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Tasht Bockie An' Pa Craw

[The Well-Worn Scarecrow And Father Crow]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 15th of March, 2014,
to Charles E. Baer's 1902 music for the song, '
A Miner's Home Sweet Home'.

Glossary of Less Obvious Words:
neep=turnip; speugies=sparrows; dorbs=pecks; yock=itch; chaff=chafe
fley=scare; tumshie=turnip; speerin'=asking; swede=a type of turnip;
scunnerin'=annoying; craturs=creatures; coff=buy.

It wis oot-by Bannockburn nar a feedle fu o' corn
Thit I hard a kinna doolsome soondin' sang ...
Gaen claiser Ah seen saa a Tasht-Bockie an' Pa Craw
Fa tee seemed tae be fair-win'rin fit wis wrang.
Bockie stapped fan he saa me, an' wi' teardraps in ilk ee
Sabb'd oot loodly, "Och ma neep-heid's faain' aff.
Pleese fin me a stooter ain thit wull lang surveeve fell reyn,
An' the speugies' dorbs thit mak it yock an' chaff."

Pa Craw 'caw-cawed' oot tae me, "He is hairmless we aa gree,
Fur he canna aiven fley flees or a moose;
Bit his airms an' tumshie heid sair us birdies weel in deed,
Sae Ah howp ye'll fesh a new neep frae yer hoose?"
Speerin' him aboot this plan, Bockie thocht thit it wis gran,
An' sae seen I'd brocht a braw roond-swede fur him.
It wis shair a stooter ain thit wud lang surveeve fell reyn,
An' aa craturs' dorbs thit are aye sae scunnerin'.

Bit Ah wisna satisfeed till the craturs aa hud greed
Thit steel-armour an' a helmet I shud coff;
Fur Strang-Bockie in sich pit, weel proteckit heid tae fit
Wud be-nae jist saff bit aye shair leuk a toff!
Aince mair speered aboot this syne, Bockie thocht it michty fine,
An' in guid vyce he sang merrily tae me,
"Ah'm a weel cled sodger braw, am Ah naw, ay, am Ah naw?
An' wull sair The Bruce oontil the day Ah dee!"

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