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Chat, Chat, Chat

Poetic response by John Henderson on the 15th of April, 2014,
to Robert Cobert's 1968 music for the song, 'Quentin's Theme'.

Starns an' meens abeen us,
Dawtin' meevers be,
Fyle-tentin' fur us chiels ...aye ...
Thraw oor historie.

Flooers tee oan Airth,
Bloomin' bonniely,
Fesh howps tae oor herts,
As life's ulls they dree.

In this warl thit we noo ken
'Pads' we eese tae jaa
Wi' picturs tee tae shaw fa is
Caain' ain an' aa.

Freens o' auld lang syne
Tryst fair aisily;
Nae mair pen an' ink,
'Tap-tap' screevers we!

Heeld in oor hans ootby or hame,
'Chips' tae gaap we've neen,
Bit insteid we mak thur pooer
Full-up oor lugs an' een.

Freens aa ow'r the Airth.
An' some unfreens tee;
Claiser nor afore,
They cud ivver be.

Chat...Chat... Chat... Chat
Ower lan an' sea,
Till the day we dee!

Glossary Of Less Obvious Words:-
dawtin'=caressing; fesh=bring; dree=endure; jaa=talk; tryst=meet;
screevers=writers; gaap=eat voraciously; dee=die.

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