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Burn Watter

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 26th of April, 2014,
to the music of a song called '
Ivory Tower'.

kirkton=village; gate=route; snoove=glide; thrang tirravee=busy commotion;
win=reach; toom=empty; skailin'=spilling; siccar=reliable; tentily=carefully;
shoo'er=shower; rowth=plenty; reyn=rain.

Bensburn's aye wannerin' thraw oor kirkton;
The Wast is the gate thit he taks;
Fur aa the oors he maun snoove roon rushes
Nae soonds there ivver he maks.
Bit doonhull ... aa chynges .....
An' the vyce o' Bensburn's hard a wee;
He sangs fyles splyterin' aff roch boulders,
"I loo this thrang tirravee;
An' seen I'll win toom Nethloch fa's thristy
Fur the clean cauld watter I'll gie."

(Weeks later ......................)

Nethloch nar skailin' caas oot tae Widglen,
"The gate rins fair straacht-on thraw ye;
Waak up Glenburn an' mak shair he's ready
Tae rowle-on faist doon tae the Dee."
"I hard ye ..... I hard ye!"
Caa'd the siccar Glenburn frae the Wast
"Skail 'wa noo tentily guid freen Nethloch,
An' aff we wull ging tae the Dee.
Let's howp Ma Natur'll aince-mair in simmer
Aye shoo'r rowth o' reyn on us tee!"

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