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The Scotland We Cherish

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 30th of April, 2014,
to the music for the song, '
Welcome To Scalpay'.

Come o'er to the islands of our Scottish Highlands;
They're gems in the crown of our nation;
Step out by day in skies cloudless or grey
To absorb all their mystic creation.

Come o'er to our mountains, their valleys and fountains,
The sites now for ski recreation;
Not only these, in a gale or mere breeze
Will bring plenty of joy and elation.

Spend nights in a bothy by burns brisk and frothy
That serve those who seek lonely places;
Far from the town, where noise may get them down,
They'll find solace in quiet open spaces.

The Scotland we cherish that never did perish
Holds tales of much strife through the ages;
But despite years of spilt blood, sweat and tears
It's inventions fill pages and pages

..... From toils by each sage over many, many, many-an age!

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