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Fallbrook Update 39

'Yes, Fallbrook Farm Heritage Site originally was the site of an Iroquois village dating back to the 16th century. The field where the Emmerson site is located was cleared by the McKay's then sold to the neighbour. We know little of the meeting of these two cultures in this region. It is generally believed that the tribes had moved north before the arrival of the Celtic pioneers. One Ballinafad pioneer descendant, now in her nineties, remembers two natives from Lake Huron who would stay over with her family as they travelled through to Niagara to pick fruit. The complete report was prepared by Alicia Hawkins, archaeologist at University of Laurentian and was made public during discussions at Halton Hills City Council  meeting of December 7, 2009. Mme. Hawkins has been very helpful and we thank her. The site is also described at the website of the Ontario Heritage Trust. The report can be read here in pdf format

        The evolution of the human occupation of the Ballinafad region is the theme of the Fallbrook project. It begins with the indigenous people and continues with the Celtic pioneers. This rich cultural heritage must be preserved and taught to future generations.''

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