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Charlotte Juarez's Going Home
Discovering Dundee - A Photo Album Walk - Page 3

Outside the Overgate Shopping Center, looking towards the furniture shop on Ward Road that I remember from my childhood.

Joy at the Wishart Arch

Xylia at the Wishart Arch, looking up the Cowgate towards where the Cattle Market used to be, Blackscroft Library where my mother used to take me to get books, and the plaque somewhere in that neighbourhood that commemorates where Mary Wolstonecraft Shelley (author of Frankenstein and wife of Percy Byhse Shelley) who lived part of her childhood with relatives in Dundee

Joy and me at the pizza place next to Green’s Cinema (that used to be the cinema that had on its title of Playhouse a crooked "u" that meant "we want U in") where on different dates we had our hair done by Kenneth, the hairdresser in Aileen’s hairdressing shop for our weddings almost 40 years ago. Small world.

Adriana with the horse that Joy’s mum "keeps in her kitchen."

Silhouette of Dundee’s Mercat Cross in front of the City Churches in the Nethergate

"Get your Tulleeee!" in fromt of DC Thompson’s and the Post Office

Airport Baggage Screening notice from Phoenix to Edinburgh

From the Courier, March 18th, a dragoon guard playing the pipes in Kuwait prior to war being declared. Notice the cammy pipe bag.

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