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The Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland

Containing descriptions of their Scenery and Antiqities with an account of the Political History and Ancient Manners, and of the Origin, Language, Agriculture, Economy, Music, Present Condition of the People, &c. Founded of a series of annual journeys between the years of 1811 and 1821, and forming an Universal Guide to that country in letters to Sir Walter Scott, Bart. by John MacCulloch, M.D., F.R.S., L.S., G.S. (1824)

From time to time I come across a publication that I feel is well worth a read and especially if you are trying to understand Scotland and the people. This is a 4 volume publication which was created through letters to Sir Walter Scott.  It was at a time when Scotland was emerging as a world force and so is also interesting from the time perspective.  I've acquired a pdf version of this publication and so make the volumes available for you to download.

I have included the contents page for each volume so you can select which volumes you'd like to read.

Volume 1  |  Volume 2  |  Volume 3  | Volume 4

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