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Check all the Clans that have DNA Projects. If your Clan is not in the list there's a way for it to be listed. Electric Scotland's Classified Directory An amazing collection of unique holiday cottages, castles and apartments, all over Scotland in truly amazing locations.

Travel Information on Scotland
Our guide to Scottish holidays and tours together with information on all parts of Scotland. Lots of Scottish tours to read about and hundreds of Scottish pictures to enjoy. We also provide answers to lots of travel questions that tourists often ask about Scotland.

Clach Leathad from Ba Bridge on the West Highland Way

Exploring Scotland
Part 1
Series celebrating Scotland's stunning landscape and landmarks from the air. In this first episode, presenter Vanessa Collingridge starts her journey in the capital, exploring Edinburgh from its volcanic beginnings to the building of the glorious New Town. She then travels through the agricultural Borders and follows Glasgow's mighty River Clyde before arriving at the gateway to the Highlands, Stirling.
Part 2
In this second episode, Vanessa Collingridge starts her journey in Mid-Argyll, visiting Kilmartin to explore the history of some of Scotland's earliest kings. She then travels to Inveraray and the west coast of Skye before ending with a journey from Ben Nevis to Urquhart Castle
Part 3
In this third episode, Vanessa Collingridge travels across the Cairngorms, journeys along the River Dee to Balmoral, revels in Aberdeen's granite architecture and ends by taking a look at two of Scotland's engineering marvels - the Bell Rock Lighthouse and the Forth Rail Bridge.
Scotland Revealed in Winter
Scotland's stunning landscapes and landmarks as seen from the air in the depths of winter - the Cairngorms, Glencoe, the Great Glen Fault. Vanessa Collingridge presents this breath-taking aerial portrait of Scotland's beautiful scenery during the winter months, while covered in snow.

Whoever travels to Scotland, meets a beautiful and rich country, rich in beauty and history. The majestic castles greet the visitor in every corner of the country. Witnesses of time ago which remind one rather of plays and dramas, such as Shakespeare or Macbeth which are the most famous example of it. Some parts of Scotland rank among the most thinly settled areas of Europe and offer the possibility of experiencing nearly undisturbed landscapes. Whether lonely lighthouses or postcard picture church ruins, Scotland should be traveled in peace and with time, in order to absorb the un-comparable impressions, of nature and architect, it has to offer.

Scotland's Towns and Cities
This is a video collection of some of our Towns & Cities all around 24 minutes in playing time.

  • Activity Holidays in Scotland
    Fairly detailed pages about the various activity holidays you can have in Scotland. Includes trekking and riding, sailing, walking, fishing, cycling, skiing and golf.
  • Spectacular Scotland
  • Holiday Cottages
    Series of articles from Holiday Cottages
  • Picturesque Scotland
    Its romantic scenes and historical associations in lay and legend, song and story by Francis Watt M.A. and the Rev. Andrew Carter M.A.
  • Unto the Hills
    A series of delightful short essays and descriptive poems, each recapturing and crystallising some moment of supreme happiness during holidays among the hills of Scotland.
  • Mountain Moor and Loch
    Illustrated by Pen and Pencil on the route of the West Highland Railway with 230 illustrations (1894)
  • Travel Journal
    As Alastair is working around the world at the moment he thought it might be interesting to document his experiences in Scotland, USA and Canada.
  • Atholl, Scotland's Heartland
    An excellent tourist guide to Atholl, in Highland Perthshire, and its history by James Irvine Robertson.
  • Scotland the Land
    Videos of parts of Scotland
  • Gazatteer of Scotland
    This is a 6 volume publication which details all the villages and towns in Scotland together with some of there history and maps of the districts of Scotland.
  • Historic Places to go in Scotland
    This gives you detailed lists of historic places you can visit in Scotland complete with small descriptions, links to road maps and links to places on the web where you can get further information.
  • Local Area Travel Guides
    This is our Travel introduction to the various regions of Scotland. You'll find a great overview of each area, pictures and lots of links to further information.
  • Stirling to St. Andrews
    A Guide to 250 places to visit from Stirling to St. Andrews. Our aim... helping visitors and tourists feel like locals... giving locals the chance to be tourists.
  • Charlotte's Visit home to Scotland
    Here you will find a major account of Charlotte's return to Scotland and the many stories of her and her family and friends exploring the country.
  • Places to Visit in Perth & Kinross
    Here you'll find a great selection of places to visit in the Perth & Kinross area of Scotland. The gateway to the Highlands.
  • Scottish Community Web Sites
    Here we provide a list of local Scottish communities that have their own web sites. So if you're having a holiday in Scotland check out your local area here.
  • Pictures of Scotland
    Our own picture gallery providing lots of pictures of Scotland.
  • The Scottish Youth Hostel Association [External Link]
    This is a link to their comprehensive and informative web site.
  • Marrying in Scotland
    A general guide on getting married in Scotland.
  • Maps
    Here we provide a variety of ways of finding maps of Scotland and the world.
  • Suggested Tours of Scotland
    We are building a collection of suggested tours of Scotland covering half day tours to 21 days tours and everything in between.
  • The Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland
    In 4 volumes by
    John MacCulloch, M.D.
  • Loch Lomond, Loch Katrine and The Trossachs
    Described by George Eyre-Todd and Painted by E. W. Haslehust, R.B.A
  • Highland Games & Pipe Bands around the World
    This is where we profile various Highland Games and Pipe Bands around the world.
  • Frequently Asked Tourist Questions
    Here we try to answer some of those frequently asked questions.
  • Black's Guide to Edinburgh
    And environs Hawthornden and Roslin by Adam and Charles Black (1868)
  • Visit Britain  [External Link]
    If you are looking to include England, Wales and N. Ireland into your visit to Scotland then check our the British Tourist Board web site.
  • World Weather Forecasts
    Very detailed weather information for Scotland as well as for the UK and the world.
  • Scottish Heritage
    This page provides a list of Scottish Societies around the world.
  • Mileage and Journey Times
    A page giving general mileage and journey times between various major cities in Scotland and the UK.
  • Railtrack's Train Time Table [External Link]
    This is where you can go to rail tracks web site to check the rail time table.
  • TV & Radio Guide [External Link]
    OK.. so you've made it to Scotland.. so what's on the Telly?