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Alastair's Holiday around Pitlochry
Isle of Skye (Part 4)

And now I'm on my last leg of my journey to Uig...

And just arrived in time for a lovely sunset viewed from the Uig Hotel.

The Hotel has recently been purchased by a South African family and they certainly offered excellent hospitality.  I'd just arrived when the local brewery driver was making a delivery and so as they would be shut over the weekend I decided to follow him back to the brewery to get a couple of pictures :-)

They have 7 brews and Bill at the Uig is looking to challenge his guests to "Drink the Cullin Range". I will say that the draft "Black Cullin" was a superb drink with lots of taste.  I'm told they are now bottling the range and selling it to places like Canada and Australia.

And so this is the end of my Friday journey to Uig on the Isle of Skye.  I must say I very much enjoyed the scenery on the way and the warm welcome I recieved when I arrived. Uig is also a place where you can catch a ferry to the Western Isles of Lewis and Harris and you'll see pictures of the ferry on the next page.

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