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Motto: Miseris succurrere disco - "I learn to succour the distressed".
Badge: A hand brandishing a double-handed sword.
Septs of the Clan: Baxter, Bell, Blue, Brown, Millikin/Mullikin, MacBaxter, MacNamell.
Names associated with the clan:
Bacster Baker Bakster Baxstair Baxstar Baxstare Baxster Baxtar Baxter Bel Bele Bell Belle Bleu Blue Braun Bron Brouin Broun Broune Brown Browne Browyn Brun Brune Brwne Fuccatour Fuckater Fugater Fugatour Fuggatour Fuktor Fuktour Futtor MacBaxtar MacBaxter MacFaktur MacFuktor MacFuktur MacGhilleghuirm MacGilleghuirm MacGilliegorm MacIlvail MacIngvale MacInnocater MacInnowcater MacInnowcatter MacInnugatour MacInocader MacInuctar MacInucter MacInvaille MacInvale MacInville MacKmillan MacKnockater MacKnocker MacKnockiter MacMhaolain MacMigatour MacMilane MacMillan MacMilland MacMillen MacMillin MacMillon MacMolan MacMolane MacMolland MacMuckater MacMulan MacMulane MacMullan MacMullen MacMullin MacMullon MacMuncater MacMuncatter MacMungatour MacMylan MacMyllan MacMyllane MacNamaoile MacNamell MacNamil MacNamill MacNaucater MacNomiolle MacNomoille MacNowcater MacNowcatter MacNucadair MacNucater MacNucator MacNucatter MacNuctar MacNuicator MacVaxter Makbaxstar Makinnocater Makmilane Makmillem Makmulane Makmullane Makmylan Makmyllan Makmyllane Makmyllen Nucator Valker Waker Walcair Walcar Walcare Walcer Walkar Walker Waulcar

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Chief George MacMillan and wife Jane