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The Clan MacMillan Society of North America

"In 2005, the Clan MacMillan Society of North America will celebrate it's 47th Anniversary, 1958-2005.

To mark the occasion, Captain Duncan Daniel McMillan, President 2004-2005 of the Clan MacMillan Society of North America (CMSNA) will host an International Gathering of the Society centered at London, Ontario, Canada, 12 to 19 August 2005. All MacMillans (all spellings) and Septs (Baxter, Bell, Blue, Brown, MacBaxter and Walker) are welcome. Honoured guests from Scotland are expected to be George Gordon MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap, Chief of Clan MacMillan and his wife Jane, of Finlaystone, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

The Presidency and Gatherings of CMSNA alternate between the USA and Canada every two years. The last Gathering was centered at Union Theological Seminary, Manhattan, NY, NY, 12 to 17 August 2003, hosted by President 2002-2003 Andrew Macmillan of Manhattan.

For further information contact: Duncan D. Macmillan, 723 Norwood Avenue, London, Ontario N5Y 5C7 Canada, ph: 519-642-7632  e-mail: Please contact Duncan before the end of 2004 if you wish to have tickets for the Gathering's planned visit to the famous Stratford Shakespearian Festival in Stratford, Ontario."

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