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Donna Flood
Sally Through the Fields

Straw in our hair, swagger in our stride, wonder in our stare is the only way an Oklahoman can be described as they visit New York City for the first time. To listen to my brother describe his fist visit there was a pleasure. The bloom of youth was not upon him but he might have been but just a boy. The wonder of the city was most evident as he spoke of it.

"We went to a stage show." "It was just marvelous." "Absolutely breathtaking."

"Did you enjoy the music?" I asked.

"The music was incredible." "Whole orchestras setting on pedestals moving out from the wall." "Every inch of the stage was alive with action." "There wasn't a place on the huge stage that wasn't embroiled in some sort of activity." "The lights." "The costumes." "I think I have seen everything as far as entertainment goes."

I was listening and understanding his feeling completely even though it had been years ago when I the same experience. "Where did you sit?"

"Oh well!" "That wasn't so good." We were on the last row at the very top of the place." "Seats were half-price there." "Still it was really something to remember."

"To top everything off we saw Sally Fields coming out a side door as we were leaving." "She had body guards around her and she was signing autographs." "Brother said, "Go on up there." "Ask her for an autograph."

"Miss Fields, I sure would appreciate your taking your picture with me."

"Why sure." "She said to me." She stood next to me, put her arm around me, while brother was snapping pictures." "All at once she was being ushered to her car." "It was a big long white limousine." "They had her in the car and brother said." "Say, I had the cover on the camera lense."

"I stepped over to the limousine where the window was cracked and said, Miss Fields, will you retake the photo's?" "The camera cover was on the lense." "She opened the door and said, "I'm getting out to take a picture with this young man."

"Hmmm, young man, I'm thinking."

"The body guards, driver, everyone was trying to keep her in the car and it didn't stop her." "She was out of the car and brother took the pictures again, this time they were good."

"I have always liked Sally Fields." "Who knew she was as spunky and beautifully charming in person as she is in films?"

"Well, I'm telling you, it made my trip to New York City."

"When can we see the photos."

"Well, it depends on a lot of things."

"He was his old self," I thought.

"Thank you Sally Fields." "You will never know what a grand thing you did for a tall lanky Indian boy whose life has been laden with hard work, along with all the trials to come upon someone raising a family for years even after a divorce." "In one instant, you gave him a great gift." "For all the disappointments, the lost belief in humanity, and the struggles we all have, your kindness means so very much."

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