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Scots in India


We are embarking on a journey to try and bring you information on Scots who played an important role in the Indian sub continent.

A Documentary Research on the Scottish Women of Calcutta
This documentary research was funded by the Journal of International Women's Studies Fellowship (JIWS), Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts. This research brings forth the various social and cultural roles that were played by Scottish women in Calcutta during the time of British colonization. In the process of shedding light on these select Scottish women, this documentary has also made an effort to complicate the histories of colonialism and the challenges of the decolonial gaze.

Officers, Scholars & Nabobs: Clan Macpherson in India

The Highland Regiments that fought in India

An Historical Disquisition
Concerning the knowledge which the ancients had of India and the progress of trade with that country prior to the discovery of the passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope with an appendix containing observations on the Civil Policy, the Laws and Judicial Proceedings, the Arts, the Sciences, and Religious Institutions of the Indians by William Roberson, D.D. (1822)

By Major-General A. MacLeod (pdf)
Memoir on the Affairs of the East India Company (1830) (pdf)
The Administration of the East India Company
A History of Indian Progress by John William Kaye (1853) (pdf)
Recollections of a Highland Subaltern
During the Campaigns of the 93rd Highanders in India under Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, in 1857, 1858 and 1859 by Lieut-Colonel W. Gordon-Alexander (1898) (pdf)

India in WWII

The Indian and Colonial Forces of Her Majesty's Army (pdf)
Role of Indian Army in the First World War
By Lt. Col. Dr. Shyam Narain Saxena (pdf)
Four Years Campaign in India
By William Taylor (1875)
Under Ten Viceroys
The Reminiscences of a Gurkha by Major-General Nigel Woodyatt, C.S., C.I.E. Colonel 7th Gurkhas (1922) (pdf)
How Indians Are Spreading Their Culture In Scotland
A wee YouTube Video
Calcutta Review
The 1867 issue (pdf)
The Sepoy Revolt
A Critical Narrative by Lieut.-General McLeod Innes (second edition) (1897) (pdf)
The Sikhs and the Sikh Wars
The Rise, Conquest, and Annexation of the Punjab Stte by Gen. Sir Charles Gough, V.C., G.C.B. and Arthur D. Innes, M.A. (1897) (pdf)
Lucknow & Oude in the Mutiny
A Narrative and a Study by Lieut-General McLeod Innes, R.E, V.C. New and Revised Edition (1896) (pdf)
Forty-one Years in India
From Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief by Field-Marshall Lord Roberts of Kandahar, V.C.. K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I.. G.C.I.E. (1898)
Narrative of a Voyage to India
Of Shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereach and a description of New South Wales by W. B. Cramp (1823) (pdf)
Our Viceregal Life in India
Selections from my Journal 1884-1888 by the Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava in two volumes (1890)
A few words annent the "Red' Pamphlet
By one who has served under the Marquis of Dalhousie. The 'Red' Pamphlet, entitled 'the Mutiny of the Bengal Army, by One who has served under Sir Charles Napier' is so full of gross misrepresentations that One who has served under Lord Dalhousie feels constrained to contradict some of them and to ask the Public to distrust more (1858) (pdf)
The Romance of History - India
By The Rev. Hobart Gaunter, B.D. (1899) (pdf)
Telugu Trophies
The Jubilee Story of some of the principal Telugu converts in the Canadian Baptist Foreign Mission in India from 1874 to 1924 by the Canadian Baptist Foreign Board Jubilee Volume (pdf)
The History of the European Commerce with India
By David MacPherson (1812) (pdf)
The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
Translated from the Sanscrit by The Hindoo Kama Shastra Society complete in seven parts with Preface, Introduction, and Concluding Remarks. The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, which might otherwise be called a treatise on men and women, their mutual relationship, and connection with each other. It is a work that should be studied by all, both old and young; the former will find in it real truths, gathered by experience, and already tested by themselves, while the latter will derive the great advantage of learning things, which some perhaps may otherwise never learn at all, or which they may only learn when it is too late to profit by the learning. (pdf)
Rev. James Aberigh Mackay
In 1857 he went to India and was involved in the Indian Mutiny. He saw active service with his regiment, the 9th Lancers, and officiated at Penang, Meerut, Simla and Calcutta. He wrote the two volume "From London to Lucknow".
Report of the Committee
For the Revision of English, Telugu, and Tamil school books in the Madras Presidency by Colonel MacDonald (1874) (pdf)
The Ratha Jatra of Serampore
By Alex. Allardyce an article from the publication Good Words of 1872 edited by Norman MacLeod D.D.
How a Fort Ditch was Plumbed
An article by J. Cave Browne in Good Words (1872) (pdf)
History of the Indian Mutiny 1857-1858
Commencing from the close of the second volume of Sir John Kay's History of the Sepoy War by Colonel G. B. Malleson, C.S.I. (second edition in two volumes) (1878)
The Sheriffs of Fort William from 1775 to 1926
Their dealings with some of the Judges of the East India Company. The old Jail at Calcutta. Jurors, Constables, Public Meetings. Early Municipal Elections, Doctors, Attorneys, Merchants, Barristers and other matters relating to the city of Calcutta during the past century by Charles Moore (second edition) (1926) (pdf)
Lieutenant-Colonel John Haughton
Commandant of the 36th Sikhs, A Hero of Tirah, A Memoir by Major A. C. Yate (1900) (pdf)
A Personal Narrative of Thirteen Years Service amongst the Wild Tribes of Khondistan
For the suppression of Human Sacrifice by Major General John Campbell C.B. ((1864) (pdf)

Scottish Gurkha bagpipers from Kalimpong: a piece of Scotland in India!

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