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Mini Bios of People of Scots Descent
Descendants of Josiah Goodall of New England and Virginia

This transcription was first posted on RootsWeb. It appears here with the permission of the transcriber, Scott Simpson.

[*Title added by transcriber. This is a transcription of a handwritten history currently (in 1998) in the possession of Brooks Goodall Szolyga, second great-granddaughter of the Job Goodall mentioned herein. The transcriber is William Scott Simpson, Sr., fourth great-grandson of the Philander Goodall mentioned herein. Mr. Simpson gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance of a typewritten transcription prepared by Gladys Hobbs Goodall in the late 1950s. Gladys Hobbs Goodall was the wife of Donald Goodall, great-grandson of Job Goodall. The transcriber also acknowledges with gratitude the kind assistance and cooperation of Brooks Goodall Szolyga, daughter of Donald Goodall and Gladys Hobbs Goodall.]

[With three exceptions, this transcription is strictly faithful to the handwritten history. First, paragraph breaks and indentations, which are absent in the handwritten history, have been added. Second, capitalization has been standardized, except where the writer's choice could have some minimal relationship to meaning. Third, two or three obviously accidental misspellings have been corrected. For example, the writer wrote "maried" one time, but used "married" on every other occasion.]

Oct 1908

The ancestors of & family history of the late Job Goodall and Sarah McRoberts Embree Goodall, so far as the information at my command warrants.
Wm Washington Walker Goodall

Paul Goodall (a prominent Methodist said to be) came to America from Scotland with his family about the year 1750, and settled in that part of the territory of Massachusetts now known as the state of Maine. One or two of his brothers brought their families and settled in or near the same place about the same time. Paul Goodall raised one son and two or three daughters to maturity. The son Josiah Goodall was liberally educated, but when about grown went to sea, and became a sailor, on a fishing schooner, & afterwards was commander of a vessel. Josiah Goodall was born about the year 1760, and married Miss Rebecca Brooks about the year 1790. [Note by Wm. Scott Simpson: One Josiah Goodale married Rebecca Brooks in East Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut, on May 11, 1790.]

Rebecca Brooks was born about the year 1765. She was the daughter of Joel Brooks, who also came from Scotland about the year 1750, with his family and settled in that part of the territory of Massachusetts now known as the state of Maine. One or two of his brothers brought their families about the same time and settled in the same part of the country. The Goodalls & Brooks who settled in what is now known as the state of Maine in America were originally from Scotland. Joel Brooks raised several sons and daughters to maturity. He was a Presbyterian minister of some prominence. It is not known that Paul Goodall or son Josiah Goodall took any active part in the Revolutionary War, though they were partizan Whigs and strong patriots. Yet it is likely that some of their Goodall relatives did, & it is very likely that some of Joel Brooks sons & nephews took an active part in the Revolutionary War, as they were Whigs and strong patriots.

Josiah Goodall & his wife Rebecca, my Grand Parents, raised 5 sons and 4 daughters to maturity. He quit the sea on account of his health and about the year 1802 or 1803, moved south stopping a year or two in the state of Massachusetts also a few years in the state of New York then to the state of Virginia, arriving there in the year 1808, settling on a small farm in Madison County where he died in the year of 1820 at the age of about sixty years.

His oldest son Joel Brooks Goodall was said to be raised by his grand parents the Brooks and was educated to be a Presbyterian minister and went when 19 years old a missionary to the Sandwich Islands and was never more heard of by his relatives he was supposed to have been killed by the cannibals. He was born in the year 1791. Philander Goodall the 2d son was born in Jan 1796. Was a soldier in the United States army in the War of 1812-1815. Enlisting when he was about the age of 16 1/2 years. He married when about 22 years old, and raised 7 sons & 5 daughters to maturity by his first wife. After his first wifes death he married again when about 75 years old. By this marriage he had born 1 son and 1 daughter, his second wife dying when the baby was about 2 years old, & he died when he was 94 years old. Right here I will say my Grand Mother Rebecca Goodall, died in the year 1865 aged 99 years and six months old. The names of Philander Goodalls sons & daughters, are, Abner, Banks, George, John, Frank, Thomas & Jo Philander, are married and have families and live in or near Madison County Virginia. One of his other two sons died or was killed in the War between the states 1861-1865. His daughters are, Mrs Deal, Mrs Crow Mrs Jenkins Mrs Nichols and the baby Anna B. Goodall, I forget who she married, & they also live in or near Madison County Va. And another son James came to Missouri about 1838, when he was about 20 years old, to visit his uncle Job Goodall. He was wild and reckless and being scolded by his uncle for some of his pranks, he became offended & left declaring none of his relatives should ever hear of him again, and they never have. It is thought by some that he joined the army and became a scout to fight the Indians and married an Indian woman. Others believe he was killed either accidently or by Indians. [Note by Wm. Scott Simpson: Another daughter of Philander Goodall (by his first wife) was Jane Eliza Goodall, who married Fountain Jarrell in Page County, Virginia, in 1842, and married James Estes in Madison County, Virginia, in 1851.]

I will write of Job Goodall, my Father the 3d son of Josiah & Rebecca Goodall after I have written about the other sons & daughters.  Abner Goodall the 4th son, came to St Louis Missouri about the year 1830, and married a woman of some wealth. He was drowned in the Mississippi River near St Louis about the year 1832 or 1833, leaving one son George Abner Goodall. His widow married again and the son grew to manhood was well educated and went into business in Chester Illinois where he was swindled out of his property by a dishonest partner. I do not know his subsequent history.

George Oliver Goodall, the 5th son of Josiah & Rebecca Goodall, was married in Virginia and soon moved to Henry County Tennessee where he lived about 20 years, then moved to Baxter County Arkansas. He raised 8 daughters but no sons. He died in the year 1864. Josiah & Rebecca Goodalls oldest daughter Susan married a Mr Eddings and settled in the state of Indiana & the 2d daughter Mary married a Mr Crowe and lived in Virginia until her death. The 3d daughter Rebecca married a Mr Roberts & moved to Henry County Tennessee and then moved to Illinois about the year 1861. The 4" daughter Mehitable married a Mr Holtinger and moved to Indiana.

And now Josiah & Rebecca Goodalls 3d son Job Goodall (my Father) was born 20" of March 1797. Enlisted in the United States army in the War of 1812-1815. When he was 16 1/2 years old was at Norfolk Virginia with his brother Philander. Was mustered out of the service early in the year of 1815, the War being over. He lived several years in the state of Pensylvania & came to Jefferson City Missouri in about the year 1825, and engaged in the grocery business. Was married to Miss Sarah McRoberts Embree in April 1827. She was the daughter of John Embree, who was of English decent, with some Welch blood in his pedigree. John Embree, was born in Virginia in March 1763. Went to Kentucky and married Miss Susanna Frances Prewitt, about the year 1792. John Embree (my Grand Father) probably did not take an active part in the Revolutionary War, though he was a Whig and a strong Patriot, but he had several uncles & cousins living in Virginia & Kentucky and some of them were likely patriot soldiers in the Revolutionary army. John Embree & his wife had six daughters and 1 son born to them who grew to maturity. The oldest child Fannie Embree born in 1793 was married to Mr Hardin Casey the son of a Revolutionary soldier, & Isham Embree the 2" child and only son of John Embree was born in the year 1795, married and raised 3 sons and 6 daughters, and Elizabeth the 3" child of John Embree born in 1797, married a Mr Crawford & Mary the 4" child born in 1800, married a Mr Bonsfield, & Nancy the 5" child born in 1803, married a Mr Daniels & Edith the 6" child born in 1807 married a Mr Alexander. John Embree moved to Missouri and settled in Howard County & his sisters Elizabeth Mary & Edith settled in Cooper County Missouri & Nancy in Wabash County Indiana & Fannie in Cole County Missouri. Sarah McRoberts Embree was the baby of her parents. She was born the 27" of Sept. 1810, in Mercer County Kentucky. Her mother died when she was a small child and she was raised until she was 15 years old by her grand Mother Prewitt at which time her grand Mother having died she came to Missouri to her brother Isham Embree. John Embree my grand Father died in Howard County Missouri in Sept 1852, at the age of 88 yrs & 6 months old.

Susanna Frances Prewitt, the wife of John Embree & my Grand Mother, was the daughter of Joel Prewitt who together with his brother Byrd Prewitt were Patriot soldiers in the Revolutionary War. They served in the same command if not under Capt Wm Price, and were in the battles of Stony Point, Brandy Wine, and other engagements of that period.  Joel Prewitt my Great grand Father, and his brother Byrd Prewitt & other brothers & sisters, a large family were of French decent with a cross of English blood in their pedigree. They were of French ancestry, who were expelled from France with the Hugenotts who fled to America and settled in South Carolina in an early day. They moved to Kentucky after or about the time of the Revolutionary War and some of them settled in Jessamine County.

(A Mrs Samuel C Majors of Fayette Howard County Mo. wrote an article to the St Louis Republic about the year 1890 giving an account of the first anniversary of the celebration of the declaration of Independence, which she says occurred if I remember aright in the year 1796 July 4", in Jessamine County Kentucky. She gave the names of a number of old Revolutionary soldiers that were present among others were Jo & Byrd Prewitt. The celebration was at the home of Capt Wm Price an officer in the Revolutionary army. She said Capt Price was her great grand father and that it was from old documents of his that she had in her possession as heirlooms that she got her account of that celebration. I tried to get a copy of those documents, but failed. Perhaps George O Goodall of Salem Oregon if he will try will have better success.)

My father Job Goodall & his wife Sarah McRoberts Goodall continued to live in Jefferson City Mo. until the fall of 1828. They moved to St Louis, and moved back to Jefferson City Mo, and then on a farm in Cole County Mo. where they lived until the fall of 1831, when they moved on a farm in Randolf County Mo. where they lived until the spring of 1849.  While living in Randolf County Mo. he enlisted as a volunteer soldier to help drive the Mormons from Nauvoo Illinois, in the spring of 1849, they moved back to Cole County Mo. on a farm, & in the spring of 1850, he went to California on the great hunt for gold, and took his son John with him. His son dying with camp fever in Jan or Feb 1851, begged his father on his death bed to return to his family after he was buried, which he promised to do, returning in the fall of 1851. He returned part of the way on horse back through Mexico where he came near losing his life, being waylaid by a bandit. He lived until August 1" 1856, when he was murdered on his farm by unknown parties. His assassins were never brought to justice.

My Father made several trips to Virginia while he lived in Missouri to visit his aged mother, the last time less than two years before his death, and he never failed to take her a substantial present. He was a very energetic and successful business man. He began life with nothing but a fixed determination to succeed, by honest methodist. His first motto was to work at whatever he could get to do, for whatever wages he could get and always to save part of what he earned, if it was ever so small. He even chopped wood for forty cents a cord and boarded himself, having built a log hut in the timber to bach in while he was chopping the wood. But he never worked for wages longer than he could earn means to go into business for himself, and although practically broken up three times during his eventful life, he left an estate at the time of his death valued by appraisers at thirty thousand dollars. But his children though not lacking in energy, were not successful in a business way, none of them being able to contend against the changed conditions brought about by the war between the states.
There were born to Job Goodall and his wife Sarah McR Goodall, 8 sons & 1 daughter. The oldest Oliver Hazard Perry Goodall, born Aug 1" 182l, went to Virginia in the fall of 1845 to go to school, returned home in the spring of 1846. Went to Mexico in the spring of 1849. Returned home the fall of 1851 then went to Virginia in the year of 1852 by the way of Tennessee to visit his relatives in both states his cousin George Abner Goodall of St Louis going with him. After an extended visit he returned by the way of Indiana to his home & in the spring of 1853 went overland to Oregon. He first married in 1853 or 1854. By this union three children were born two sons and one daughter. This was an unhappy marriage and in 1861 a legal separation was effected, him securing the custody of the two sons and her the daughter, and in the year 1864 he married his second wife Miss Grace A Gray. By this union 6 sons & 4 daughters were born. Kittie Clare born Dec 1865. And in the fall of 1868, Perry Goodall again returned to Missouri and remained three years, returning west in the fall of 1871 stopping awhile in Idahoe and then to Oregon settling in the Grand Ronde Valley. Perry had previously visited Missouri in 1858, having an agravated case of sore eyes, but his eyes improving he returned to Oregon in the spring of 1859. He came alone on that occasion, but when he came in 1868, he brought his family with him.  His son Scott was born in 1870. His daughter Mary in 1873. His son Eugene born in 1875 died in 1876. His son Geo Oliver born in 1878. His son Walker Lynn born in 1880. His daughter Grace born in 1882. His son Perry born in 1884. His son Byron born in 1887. And his youngest daughter Fannie born 1889. I forgot to say that his oldest son Brook was born in Aug 1855 and his second son John born Nov 1857, & the daughter Ada born in 1860.

His sons Brooks & John are both married, live in North Dacotah.  John has a son & daughter Brooks has no children. Ada lives in Washington, married to a Mr Brown. Kittie married to a Mr Turner lives in Union County Oregon has 8 or 9 children. Scott lives in Oregon unmarried. Mary lives in Washington married to a Mr Cunningham has 4 or 5 children. [Transcription by Gladys Hobbs Goodall adds: "Should be seven children. (Correction by Madeline Goodall 1937.)" Madeline Goodall was a cousin of Donald Goodall and, hence, a great-granddaughter of the Job Goodall mentioned earlier in this history.] And Walker L Goodall lives in Oregon unmarried. Perry G Goodall married has one son lived awhile in Los Angeles California but losing his health returned to Oregon. Grace Goodall his daughter lives in Nevada, is married but have forgotten her husbands name. [Transcription by Gladys Hobbs Goodall says Grace "married to Stewart Reed and has one son."] Geo O Goodall lives in Salem Oregon is unmarried. [Transcription by Gladys Hobbs Goodall says George O. "is married since October, 1908."] Byron is at school at Salem Oregon [transcription by Gladys Hobbs Goodall says Byron "is attending the State University at Eugene, Oregon"], and Fannie is at home with her Parents. Perry Goodall Job Goodalls oldest son moved from the Grand Ronde Valley on account of his health and settled in Linn County Oregon but becoming dissatisfied with that location sold out and moved to California near New Castle where he bought a fruit farm and where he now lives.

Job Goodalls second son John Embree Goodall was born Dec 13- 1830.  Died in California in Jan or Feb 1851. And Job Goodalls only daughter Mary Ann Rebecca Goodall was born Dec 13- 1832. Married Jan 8" 1852, to James A Gordon who was born April 1825. They lived in Cole County Mo until 1869, when they moved to Vernon County Mo. They had 8 sons & 2 daughters born to them. The oldest Theodore Perry born March 13- 1854.  Married has 1 son & 3 daughters lives now in St Louis Mo, 1 son & 1 daughter in St Louis and two daughters in Chicago Ills.

Theodore Gordons children all married. Mary A & James A Gordons daughter Sallie Kate born Feb 13- 1856. Married James B Johnson a lawyer of Nevada Mo. They have no children. Henry Burns Gordon the 2d son born in Nov 1859, is married has 2 sons & 1 daughter lives at Sheldon Mo. is a prominent stock tender and farmer of Vernon Co. Mo. Sterling Price & Jefferson Davis (twins) Gordon born Aug 21- 1861 both married. Price has 1 son & 2 daughters live in Vernon Co Mo. Davis in Jasper Co Mo. has no children. Wm Walker born July 15- 1864. Married has 3 sons & 3 three daughters, lives in Vernon Co Mo near Sheldon is a farmer. James Arthur Gordon born in 1867, died 1882. Charles Woods Gordon born 1869, died 1871. Winfield Scott born 1872, died 1906 an accidental death by being caught in the machinery of an ore mill in Colorado left a wife and 2 little boys. And Annie Ewing Gordon married Rev Harry Crum a Methodist preacher has 2 daughters lives in Houston Tex. Job Goodalls 3d son Joel Brooks Goodall born May 9, 1835, died from salivation May 1843. Daniel Webster Goodall the 5" son born Jan 2" 1841, died Jan 1843, from falling  in a tub of boiling water.

Henry Clay Goodall the 4" son was born Feb 28- 1838 died in June 1878 by falling into a shaft while mining in south east Kansas. He left a wife and 1 son and 1 daughter. The wife since died the son is married lives in Colorado City, Col a grocer merchant, has several children. And the daughter lives in Western Nebraska married a Mr Pierce a farmer has several children.

Wm Washington Walker Goodall the 6" son of Job Goodall born March 13" 1844. Was a soldier for nearly three years in the war between the states, 1861-1865. Enlisted in Co E 10 Inft Mo Vol C.S.A. Mischal [?] Johnson Capt. Steen Col. Parsons Brigade the 4th Prices Division trans Mississippi Dpt. Enlisted at Batesville Ark at camp Bragg, Aug 8" 1862, left home July 25" 1862. Was left behind the army sick in camp near Pocahontas Ark in Oct 1862. Was taken to the home of a farmer named Mathews and cared for until he was able to travel early in Dec, when he went to his uncle Geo Oliver Goodall who lived near Mountain home in Baxter County Ark, remaining there two months, rejoining the army at Little Rock Ark in February 1863. Was taken prisoner at the Battle of Helena Ark July 4" 1863, after a hard days fight where about 800 confederates were killed wounded and captured. Was kept a prisoner of war at Alton Ills about 8 months, then transfered to Fort Delaware Del.  The fort is located on an Island in Delaware Bay near the mouth of the Delaware river. After being held a prisoner of war for about 20 months was transported by steamer to Gains Landing near Richmond Virginia on the James river, & exchanged March 3" 1865. Went from Richmond Va. to Mobile Ala. Was at the battle of Mobile for ten days, but took no active part, the battle for the most part being fought with artillery between the battle ships and the fortifications. The firing was incessant by day and night. It was an awful and awe inspiring sight. At last the city was surrendered when myself and a number of others escaped on a freight train and went to Baldwin Mississippi where together with some 30 odd exchanged prisoners, organized a company, & all being from Missouri attached ourselves to Col Robt McCulloughs Rgt the 2d Mo Cav, & a few weeks later Col McCullough was ordered to report to Gainsville Ala to surrender his Regt, the war being ended. Myself with two companions obtained  permission to start home at once and not wait to surrender. After traveling together for two days we separated and I went to Henry County Tenn to visit a cousin Mrs Lucy A Alexander daughter of Uncle George O Goodall. After remaining there about a month and receiving some money from home I started for home went via Paducah Ky & St Louis Mo. arriving at home the 3d of July 1865. After an absence of nearly 3 years, having passed through many hardships much suffering & privations in his travels in the south Walker Goodall was compelled to walk at least 3/4 of the way. He continued to live on the farm with his mother until her death Jan 24- 1875, after which he continued to live part of the time in Cole County and part in Vernon Co Mo, teaching school at intervals until he married in Sedalia Mo Aug 6" 1884, to Miss Sarah D Handby and in the spring of 1885, he moved with his wife to Jefferson City Mo, having secured a position as guard at the states prison. He has continued to live with his family in Jefferson City since. On April 15- 1890, Walker Goodall met with a distressing accident, having been struck with a rail road engine, while crossing one of the tracks in Jefferson City, which came near costing him his life and made him a cripple for life, and from which he was laid up for eleven months. Walker Goodall & Sarah his wife had eight children born to them 5 sons & 3 daughters.

Marmaduke Lee Goodall born Apr 12- 1886
Warren Taylor Goodall " Feb 29- 1888,
Grace Goodall " Jan 31- 1890
Sarah Goodall " Sept 27 1891 died of pneumonia Oct 28- 1892,
Washington Walker Goodall born Dec 14- 1893 died Nov 6- 1895, having been severely scalded by having a kettle of boiling water accidently poured over him, a very distressing affair to his heartbroken parents.
Mary Goodall born Sept 6"- 1895,
Perry Handby Goodall born Aug 24- 1897,
George Job Goodall " Sept 3" 1899.
Marmaduke L Goodall is a carpenter and lives now in Kansas City Mo, unmarried. Warren T Goodall is a tailor and lives now in St Louis Mo, unmarried. Grace Goodall is a teacher in the Public schools of Jefferson City and the three younger children are in school and all bright healthy children.
Walker Goodall was elected Justice of the Peace in Nov 1906 and Police Judge of Jefferson City Mo in April 1907, a candidate on the democratic ticket.
Winfield Scott Goodall & Zachry Tailor Goodall (twins) the 7" & 8" sons of Job Goodall, were born June 30, 1847. Scott died Feb 16"- 1870, having been cowardly assassinated in the streets of Jefferson City Mo. by having a knife thrust into the back at night time. The murderer was never brought to justice. Taylor Goodall, married Miss Nannie B Mahan in Dec 1870. To this union two sons and two daughters were born. They are
Scott Goodall born Oct 20"- 1872,
Thomas Goodall " July 7"- 1875,
Ermie Kate Goodall " Oct 18- 1878,
Mary Eliza Goodall " May 27- 1881. 
Scott lives in Arizona is mining & unmarried. Thomas lives in Jefferson City Mo is rural mail carrier, is married has three little daughters.  
Ermie Kate lives in Fulton Mo, is married to Mr James H Harrison a rural mail carrier, has two little sons. Mary Eliza lives in Fulton Mo is married to Mr Charles Harrison, clerk in grocery store they have no children. The two Harrisons are not related.
Taylor Goodall died July 19- 1892, of concussion of the brain cause by striking his head against the timbers in accidently falling through a rail road bridge. Taylor Goodall lived two years in Vernon County Mo from 1880 to 1882. His widow has lived with her Father Mr Thos W Mahan nearly ever since she became a widow on his farm. He is now past 92 years of age.

There is a doctor Goodall living in Springfield Mo. who is writing a Genealogy of the Goodalls. He says they originally came from France to England on the return of William the conqueror by the name of Goodelle.  They multiplied rapidly and settled in England Ireland Scotland & America. And no doubt all bearing the names of Goodall, Goodale or Goodell, were from the same original ancestry. I am indebted to Cousin Mollie D Goodall, daughter of Banks Goodall of Rochelle Madison County Va. for much of the Goodall history, and to cousin doctor Mary McCarty (Nee Crawford) who is a practicing physician in St Louis Mo for much of the Embree & Prewitt history & also to Asa Prewitt of Roanoke Howard County Mo.

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